Branding and Franchising

Triad International's branding and franchising division partners with internationally based companies to establish new and exciting restaurant concepts that have been packaged to franchise in international retail locations. Our customers in this division are looking that are looking for new American brands to bring to multiple markets. We focus in not only brick and mortar packaged products, but mall and food court, retail storefront as well as mobile catering and food truck packaged franchises.

Whether you are an experienced franchiser refining or improving an established company or looking to expand through franchising for the first time, the Triad International team can provide the real-word guidance and hands-on assistance needed to reach your full growth potential.

Triad has the ability to procure and / or supply all equipment required to meet your service requirements. Triad International has been providing commercial and industrial kitchen equipment to the Asian market since 2011. Through our logistics division, Triad has the ability to get your equipment to your location no matter the geographic location.

Triad International supplies mobile catering equipment from our Los Angeles Facility. We provide build-to suit vehicles, cart and trailers with the equipment of your choice.


Triad International will help analyze in order to help you determine what your current brand says about you and what you want it to say. Does your logo professionally designed, make sense, and memorable? Is your web site design easy to find and navigate? Does your marketing collateral create a lasting impression that increases sales and make people want to do business with you? Is your marketing content helpful, educational and compelling to your customers? If not, now is the time to make changes. We advise clients on the development, execution and distribution of campaigns that deliver ROI, engage the media and speak to their consumers.

Our specialty is simple: we are the one-stop shop for brands looking to launch or re-invent themselves in this competitive marketplace.

With constant collaboration with our clients and a solid network of relationships we integrate brand management, design, marketing, publicity, events and sales objectives to ensure that the message is maintained from idea to execution.


While franchising provides franchisees with a proven system and the support of a much larger organization, the advantages to the franchiser are even more significant.

Capital: Since franchisees use their own capital, the franchiser has virtually no investment at the unit level.

Return on Investment: Because of this lower investment, ROI will be significantly higher.

Risk Reduction: With no capital invested in units, risk is reduced substantially. Limited Contingent Liability: The franchiser will not be signing leases, taking on financing, etc, and will thus expand with limited contingent liability. Speed of Growth: By leveraging off of the time and efforts of its franchisees, a franchiser can grow much faster without adding staff. Highly Motivated Management: Franchising can provide a company with highly motivated management who will treat individual units as its own. Brand Building: This ability to grow the organization without substantial additions to overhead will allow franchisers to grow their retail presence and their brand more quickly and effectively.

Advertising: Franchisees will often contribute to a common advertising and promotional fund. This fund will be used to promote the brand under the direction of the franchiser.

Triad currently has proven and packaged restaurant franchise concepts that are based on the current social culture. We recognize that consumers want not only value and quality, but they want the product to be cool. They also want the experience to be cool. Part of what is American culture is being and doing part of what is cool.

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Business English Education and Corporate Communication Services

At Triad International, we partner with our clients to design customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether choosing from business education services or corporate communication services, our clients are in control. They control which services they want to partner with Triad and also how those services will be delivered. Through years of relevant professional and personal experiences, the professionals at Triad International are uniquely qualified to partner with clients in designing customized employee development programs, communication services plans, or any engagements that require our exceptional communication capabilities. We don't measure success by the volume of work delivered or by test scores. We measure success by our ability to provide valuable first-class services that help our clients achieve targeted goals and drive business results. With Triad International as your partner, you can communicate with confidence. We deliver peace of mind so our clients can focus on their business. With our support, our clients are assured that the organization has a well developed English communication capability and its employees are prepared to represent the business in a professional and polished manner.

Culture Awareness

Clients wishing to penetrate the US or other foreign markets with different cultures do better with an appreciation of the culture and its differences from the home country. This awareness also helps drive productivity when working with colleagues or business partners from different cultures as it enhances the understanding of work and thought processes.

Culture Awareness provides specific reviews of a targeted country or culture and an exploration of how communication and, more broadly, business is done there.

  • Communicating across cultures
  • Selling products and services in a different culture
  • Working with colleagues from diverse cultures
  • Dealing with the language / culture barrier
  • Identifying and handling culture conflicts
  • Understanding American culture