Logistics and Import / Export

Third party logistics (3PL) companies are a becoming an important part of today's supply chain. These companies offer services that can allow businesses to outsource part of all of their supply chain management function. Many 3PL companies offer a wide range of services including; inbound freight, freight consolidation, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment and outbound freight. The growth of 3PL companies has been driven by the need for businesses to become leaner, reducing assets and allowing focus on core business processes.

Triad International's Logistics Division provides US made equipment to customers around the world. With the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Triad will create outsourcing solutions that are unique to each shipper. Additionally, Triad offers distinctive freight optimization and collaboration programs that have produced bottom-line results for a variety of companies. We utilize our on over the road driver for increased security and delivery time assurance and offer container drops at out Los Angeles Location.


As a result of Triad International's vast experience within the practice areas of our divisions provides us with a vast client base in a wide array of disciplines. Many of our clients are private investors.

Abbreviated Client list

  • Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority
  • Apex Mortgage Services
  • Boston Private Bank and Trust
  • Bridger Power Plant
  • Bridges Coal Company
  • Butler and Burger
  • CBM Consulting
  • Century 21 Realty Management
  • Citivest
  • Coastal Financial
  • Conoco Phillips
  • Cortez Gold Mine Century 21
  • Dove Capital
  • Easter Municipal Water District
  • Horizon Financial Mortgage
  • HIG Capital
  • Government Services IPT
  • IGT International Game Technology
  • Land America Assessment Corporation
  • LEI Financial
  • Liberty One Lending
  • Lions Real Estate Group
  • Mortgage Options Financial
  • Nova Consulting Group
  • Ogden Pacific Coast Mortgage
  • Pacific Mobile Catering Company
  • PRC-Mojave
  • Rancho California Water District
  • SDI
  • SF Phosphates
  • South Bay Funding
  • St Mary's Regional Med
  • Stinson Financial
  • Ultramar
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
  • Western Thrift and Loan