About Us

Triad International Corporation is a full service consulting company comprised of five divisions: Engineering, Real Estate Due Diligence, Logistics, Franchising/Brand Development, and Program and Project Management. In 2001, Triad International opened its doors in Los Angeles, California with humble beginnings as an engineering consulting firm. However, as the company's presence and experience developed, so did the opportunity to expand nationally.

By 2011, Triad had performed engineering and due diligence services in 45 of 50 States including Hawaii. By 2011, Triad was sought to perform engineering services internationally including the Territory of Guam, Thailand and Mexico. Through Triad's international experience and being able to execute and deliver superior results for our clients' sometimes extraordinary requests, Triad has been fortunate to be able to expand into the global market place with proven experience in Procurement, Logistics, Importing and Exporting, Franchising, and Brand Development.